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Your dog is welcome!

Taking your dog on holiday

On the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605", your dog is welcome for an equally well-deserved holiday. A nice walk in the woods, relaxation in one of the holiday homes "Gîtes" or cosily by the camper or the tent, the dog has to experience that too!

Because not only your dog but also other guests should be able to enjoy a well-deserved holiday on the holiday domain, it is important that your dog does not cause any nuisance, which is why there are strict rules for your dog's stay on the holiday domain.

Assistance or guide dog

An assistance or guide dog is always welcome in the holiday park and will never be refused! However, it is important that the assistance or guide dog owner is in possession of a valid identification card with which he or she can prove that it is an assistance or guide dog. The identification obligation also applies to assistance or guide dogs in training which are being raised by a puppy foster family or volunteer.

As an assistance or guide dog owner, puppy foster family or volunteer, you are kindly requested to always clearly register your assistance or guide dog in any form of reservation or booking at the holiday domain.

Please note! There are a few rules

The rules below are part of our domain and accommodation regulations which apply to the owner and the dog. The text is very formal and may not come across as "open" or friendly to some domain guests, this is not our intention but clear language does ensure that you know where you stand and what is expected of you.

Pets: By pets, owner/manager of the holiday domain generally means a dog and no cats or other (exotic) pets. Two pets are allowed per cottage "Gîtes" (accommodation) and camping or motorhome pitch provided they do not cause any nuisance to your fellow guests. Your pet does not have access to the playground and outdoor swimming pool. It is not allowed to let your pet stay on the beds or furniture, nor to swim in the outdoor pool. However, your pet may take a dip in the natural water (natural lake) outside the breeding season (15 March and 15 July) of wild animals, so your pet may swim in the natural water (natural lake) between 16 July and 14 March provided there are no (young) animals on the water. Pets of (day) visitors are not allowed, still welcome on the holiday domain without prior permission of the owner/manager of the holiday domain and payment at the applicable daily rate.

The owner of the pet remains responsible for his/her pet at all times and is obliged to carry the dog pass (passport). A pet must be leashed at all times and let out outside the holiday domain, along local roads or in the woods. Any accidents (defecation) on the holiday park and in the woods of the holiday park must be cleaned up immediately by the owner/caretaker. You will find special bags on the holiday park which you can use free of charge. The bags must be disposed of in the appropriate containers after use. Leaving bags on public roads, in the woods and in nature is a mortal sin for the (wild) animals and is considered pollution.

Pets must always be registered in advance when booking one of the holiday homes "Gîtes" (the accommodation) and camping or motorhome sites. When registering a pet during the reservation/booking process, the breed and age of the pet must be specified. The owner/manager of the holiday domain reserves the right to refuse a registered pet if there are concerns about the breed and character of the pet.

If a pet is not registered, it will not be admitted to the holiday domain and the holiday homes "Gîtes" (the accommodations) or camping and motorhome site. The owner will then have to find a solution himself and accommodate his pet in, for example, a (dog) boarding house. If the owner does not find a solution for the stay of his/her non-registered pet, the owner/manager of the holiday park has the right to deny the pet owner access to the holiday park, the "Gîtes" (accommodation) and the camping and motorhome pitch.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments as a result of this information, we would of course like to hear from you. Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or use the contact form on the contact page.