"Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" 
Gîtes - Camper Space - Wild Camp 

Bienvenue au "Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605"

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Holiday in the French Dordogne! 

When you say holiday in France you immediately say “Vacance à la campaign”. You think of the French sun "Le soleil", the delicious wines "Le vin", the fresh bread "du pain" and then you shout out; Du pain, du vin et du fromage! The three most important things in the life of the French. A holiday is a moment in your life to relax, recover and above all enjoy the environment and culture, together with your partner, your family and perhaps your family or friends.

The holiday Domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605"

The holiday domain “Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605” has a lot to offer you for a beautiful and unforgettable holiday in the French countryside of the Dordogne in the Périgord-Vert. Whether you want to lie by the pool all day, go sailing in a boat on the natural water, cast a fishing line to hook a fish or just clear your head with a nice walk in the woods, it is possible. all here on our own holiday domain!

Experience an oasis of greenery, listen to the sound of the rippling water in the river and enjoy the ultimate peace and quiet with whisper-quiet dark nights under a beautiful starry sky. The holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" is located in the middle of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin a large nature reserve surrounded by forests, lakes, hills and castles.

Luxury holiday cottages - "Gîte La Fonderie" & "Gîte La Forge"

On holiday to the Dordogne in France, but not camping or in a hotel? Reserve one of the two beautiful holiday cottage "Gîtes La Fonderie" (2 - 6 persons) or "Gîte La Forge" (2 - 7 persons) at the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" with all the luxury of your own home for a long weekend, a midweek or a whole week! The Gîtes are surrounded by many forests with a view over the beautiful domaine and the large natural lake.

The two Gîtes “La Forge” (The Forge) and “La Fonderie” (The Foundry), both named after industrial activities that took place on the domain of "Le Moulin Neuf" between 1580 and 1900, are housed in an original building on the domain of “Le Moulin Neuf” which dates from 1605. The holiday cottage "Gîtes La Forge" & "Gîte La Fonderie" have many characteristic and original elements such as shooters (shutters) for the windows, thick walls “An Pierre” (up to 80cm thick!) with original wooden beams, trusses and a gigantic stone fireplace in the living room. You will certainly not lack any luxury in the holiday cottages!

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Camper Space

For people traveling with a Camper, the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" offers the opportunity to spend the night on the holiday domain for a small fee per camper.

It is absolutely not a camping site nor is it wild camping, but something in between in a beautiful historic location with a large natural lake, a river (Le Périgord) and large forests. You spend the night in your own camper on the holiday domain, where you are offered a number of practical facilities such as sanitary facilities and recreational options.

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Camping in the middle of nature “Wild Camp”

Especially for hikers, backpackers, nature enjoyers and (small) adventurers, the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" offers you a unique opportunity to “Wild Camp” nature camping (also called wild camping) in the purest form possible. Far away from the hustle and bustle, you literally can't see your "Wild Camp" camping spot for the trees!

With your tent in the large forest in an idyllic place among wild animals such as deer, deer and foxes. Or on the large dam of the lake near the river with calmly rippling water so you can enjoy paddling and taking a dip in the lake. Or along the waterfront on one of the banks of the lake between the bushes and bamboo with lots of privacy. That is “Wild Camp” nature camping in its purest form and it is all possible at the holiday domain “Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605”, which is characterized by its small scale with respect for peace, space and of course nature!

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Climate-friendly accommodation with EU Ecolabel

The holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" has a lot of attention and respect for nature, the animals that live there and their conservation. Climate-responsible living and entrepreneurship is actually an obligation for everyone, but it always starts with you! An idealistic way of thinking and working for the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605"! It is not possible to compensate for the damage that humans cause to nature, there are too many humans in this world for that. However, it is easy to live, work, do business and even go on holiday in a climate-friendly or even climate-neutral way.

At the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" you can go on a climate-neutral holiday, as electricity is generated from the water from the lake by means of a water turbine (Hydro Power 12 kWh) for the outdoor swimming pool, the owner's house and the (additional) ) buildings, 42 solar panels (400Wp) have been installed with a yield of approximately 120kWh per day with 32kWh battery storage for the electricity of the holiday homes "Gîtes" and the owner's house. The outdoor swimming pool is heated with a special solar boiler and spring water (eau de source) is used as a drinking water supply, to flush toilets, showers and is even used to fill the outdoor swimming pool.

Finally, lighting and electricity use are kept to a minimum, so only LED lighting is used to illuminate the buildings, the holiday homes "Gîtes" and the owner's home. All outdoor lighting works on the basis of "presence" and in combination with twilight, so the lighting can only switch on when it is sufficiently dark. In the evening, as little lighting as possible is left on and switches off automatically at 11 p.m. to prevent light pollution and not to disrupt the sleep of the animals in the forest.

Would you like to know more about our way of climate-neutral living and holidaying? Then read more on our EU Ecolabel page >>>